Thursday 23 August 2012

Japanese Style Fried Rice Recipe

Although fried rice is traditionally a Chinese dish it is extremely popular in Japan. If you want to use leftovers in the fridge this is a great way to do just that. This is a basic fried rice recipe adding just egg and spring onion, however you can add a cup of your favourite seafood, meat or vegetables cut into small pieces.

Prep time 5mins
Cooking time 5mins
Serves 4 

Japanese rice 320g (uncooked)
Rapeseed oil (for frying)
2 eggs (beaten) 
Spring onion (two stalks cut finely)
Salt (to taste)
Soya sauce (to taste)
Sesame oil (to taste)

Most of the time I use leftover rice to prepare this recipe. Please click here to see my post on how to cook Japanese rice if you need to make the rice from scratch. You can use other types of rice apart from Japanese rice for this recipe. However, my instructions on how to cook rice apply to Japanese rice only.
1. Add rapeseed oil to a heavy based saucepan on medium heat. To check if the oil is hot enough scrap a thin line of beaten egg across the saucepan using chopsticks or a spatula. If the egg cooks straightaway then the saucepan is hot enough.
2. Pour the beaten egg into the saucepan and using a spatula cook in the same way as scrambled egg. Once the egg is cooked (try not to overcook the egg) remove from the saucepan and transfer to a small clean bowl. If there is some egg stuck to the saucepan then wash or wipe clean.
3. Pour more rapeseed oil into the saucepan and return the heat to medium. Once the oil is hot add the spring onion and cook quickly for a minute and then add the rice. Use a spatula to turn the rice getting rid of any lumps.
4. Toss the cooked egg into the saucepan and mix with the rice and spring onion.
5. Season with salt and soya sauce and continue to stir for less than a minute.
6. Finally, sprinkle sesame oil over the dish and stir again for a minute or less making sure not to overcook as this can easily happen. 

How to serve: 
The rice is now ready to serve as a main dish or as a side dish with other dishes. 

Add a cup of your favourite seafood, meat or vegetables cut into small pieces to
turn this dish into a main course.

Why not:
Cook this dish when you have leftover rice to avoid waste!

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  1. ★This is a great dish for a novice, it really is easy and so quick to prepare and as you said a great way to avoid waste.★


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