Saturday, 19 May 2012

Hiyayakko- chilled tofu with grated ginger and soya sauce

Hiyayakko is chilled tofu with different toppings and a drizzle of soya sauce. The most popular toppings among Japanese people are grated ginger, spring onion, katsuobushi (bonito flakes), shiso and daikon radish.

Hiyayakko should take only 5 minutes or less to prepare! You can have it as an appetiser, side dish or main dish. It's nice and refreshing to eat on a warm summer's day.

1 pack of cold silken tofu (preferably GM free tofu)
Thumb size piece of fresh ginger grated
Handful of finely chopped spring onion (optional)
Handful of bonito flakes/katsuobushi (optional)
3 tsp soya sauce

  1. Gently drain the water from the block of tofu and place on a serving plate. 
  2. Place the grated ginger (bonito flakes and spring onion) on top of the tofu.
  3. Drizzle soya sauce over the tofu and toppings just before serving.
How to eat:
You can serve this dish Japanese style as one block of tofu and let everyone help themselves or you can cut the tofu into smaller blocks and put a little topping on each small block of tofu. Then, serve on individuals plates.

  1. Be careful not to pour too much soya sauce over the tofu or it will overtake the delicious taste of the tofu.
  2. Make sure to serve the tofu chilled.


  1. Hi Fiona,
    it was lovely to meet you and himself last Saturday. The place that grows Shiso and other Japanese veg on the ( unlikely) northside of suburban Dublin is Elmhurst Cottage Organic, off Ballymun Road, Dublin 9. You'll find their page on Facebook. Frank and Azu grow all sorts of goodies there and do a weekly delivery locally. I arrived home last night from an exhausting weekend- went on to a class reunion on Saturday night- and didn't feel like cooking. When I saw that the Elmhurst delivery had arrived on Friday, I put on my apron, quickly prepared black runner beans, rainbow chard, salmon teriyaki. The piece de resistance was fresh bittersweet damsons ( where else would you get them but Elmhurst) which I stewed briefly with vanilla, cinnamon and orange rind, and served with vanilla ice cream . It all becomes so easy when the best of fresh, seasonal ingredients are to hand.

    1. Catherine thanks for sending on that information. It'll be so nice to have fresh shiso to use in my kitchen and eat with sushi!! It was lovely to meet you. I learned so much talking to everyone. Hopefully we'll have another meeting again soon!


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