Wednesday, 14 October 2015


I was selected along with 10 other people worldwide to return to my hometown in Japan through an organisation I worked for previously called JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching). It's called the JET Programme Alumni Satogaeri Project (Return to your second home in Japan). It's part of the JET progamme celebrating their 30th anniversary next year. 

My Japanese hometown is a beautiful village called Nishiyama located in Niigata prefecture. I worked there as an English teacher for two years in the local Junior High School and three of the local Elementary schools. It's going to be an exciting and emotional journey as I'll be reunited with old friends and students that I haven't seen for over ten years. 

I'm bringing my husband and two boys on this amazing trip to Japan next month. I'll be sharing all my experiences online through my blog, FB and twitter. Of course Japanese food will be a big part of my journey. So while I'm travelling around Japan and to my Japanese hometown I'll be sharing all my wonderful experiences with you online including a visit to a sake brewery, meeting a rice farmer, helping prepare and of course eat a junior high school lunch in the school where I worked, experiencing a Japanese kaiseki meal and much more.
So keep an eye out for my adventure which starts on November 7th when I depart for Japan. I can't wait. Fiona x

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