Sunday, 6 April 2014

Home-cooked Chirashi Zushi Recipe

Chirashi-zushi is often made by Japanese people when entertaining at home and celebrating special occasions, it translates as scattered sushi. It's a bowl of sushi rice with different toppings scattered on top including shredded egg crepe.

I love making this recipe for family picnics and call it "chirashi-zushi bento". If you want to use raw fish then ask your fishmonger for sashimi/ sushi grade fish and take care that you eat it as soon as possible once prepared. 

For the sushi rice
2 cups of Japanese rice (320g)
100ml rice vinegar
2 tbsp sugar
Half tsp salt

For the sushi fillings and toppings
2 eggs (preferably free range or organic), beaten
2 handfuls of edamame beans or petit pois
2 handfuls of sweetcorn
1 tin of tuna in brine (or cooked prawns/ crabmeat/ smoked salmon)
Goatsbridge trout caviar (optional to garnish)

Sesame oil and vegetable oil


1. Click here to see how to make sushi rice.

2. To make the egg crepe, lightly oil a non-stick frying pan on medium to high heat. Depending on the size of your pan place about half the egg mix on the frying pan so you have a very thin layer of egg like a crepe. Now adjust the heat to low and leave the egg on the pan until the edges of the egg crepe start to break away from the pan. Set aside on a large plate. Continue to do this until all the egg mix is cooked. Place the egg crepes on top of each other as you cook them. When you're finished roll the pile of egg crepes together. Then using a sharp knife cut into thin stripes to get shredded egg crepe.

3. Once the sushi rice is ready mix half of the tuna, petit pois and sweetcorn into the rice.

4. Place the rice mix in a large serving dish. 

5. Scatter the remaining tuna, petite pot and sweetcorn over the rice mix and toss the shredded egg crepe all over. For extra flavour lightly drizzle sesame oil.

6. If you are using fish eggs to garnish place them over the rice mix in clusters as shown in the picture. 

This recipe allows you to add whatever ingredients you like including vegetables only or cooked chicken, meat or fish (raw or cooked).


  1. Love this idea, Fiona! Sushi made very, very easy. Just finished reading your piece in Food & Wine Magazine - still catching up after the last few crazy weeks - and really enjoyed it. Looking forward to seeing more!

  2. Hi Caroline. I've had an exciting few months and looking forward to the upcoming summer food festivals across Ireland. Hope to meet you at some stage caroline@bibliocook


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