Wednesday, 3 April 2013


If I ever get a chance to return to Japan I'd love to go during the cherry blossom season. Cherry blossom is called "sakura" in Japanese and is the national flower of Japan. Every spring cherry blossom festivals take place in Japan and around the world to celebrate Japanese culture and the beauty of cherry blossoms.

During the cherry blossom season Japanese people participate in a Japanese custom called "hanami" which means flower viewing. They sit under cherry blossom trees and admire the beauty of the blooming flowers while enjoying their packed bentos

When I was a student in Japan I lived in a beautiful town called Kanazawa. During the spring of that year I visited a park in Kanazawa called Kenrokuen to view the cherry blossoms. I'll never forget how amazed I was by the beauty of the cherry blossoms. It was only later I learnt that Kenrokuen is one of the most beautiful places in all of Japan to view cherry blossoms

You should see if there is a cherry blossom festival near you this year as it's a great way to celebrate the coming of the spring. 


In Ireland, we have a Cherry Blossom Festival on Sunday April 7th 2013 in Farmleigh House & Estate in the Phoenix Park in Dublin. This is a great festival with family-friendly Japanese activities, demonstrations and workshops. There are also various other Japanese culture related activities taking place around Dublin in the first 2 weeks of April (further details can be seen on 

You can also view cherry blossoms in the Japanese Gardens in the Irish National Stud in Co Kildare.

All of the photos in this post were taken by my husband and I during our time in Japan. They were taken in various places around Japan.


  1. Thanks for this beautiful reminder of the cherry blossom season. We all know our local ones, in suburban Dublin, and yet every year, on rounding the corner and seeing the cherry blossom in flower again, my heart misses a beat at the sheer beauty of it.

  2. Such beautiful photos, well done!!

  3. Thank you they were taken nearly 10 years ago! It's even more beautiful in real life ;0)

  4. Thanks for the comment Catherine. Cherry Blossom is my favourite flower. I'm hoping to plant a cherry blossom tree in the front of my house so I'll see it from my bedroom window every morning! Might see you in Farmleigh today.


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