Monday, 4 April 2016

Top 5 Japanese Street Foods You Have to Try

On my return trip to Japan last November my family and I got to experience authentic Japanese street food, here's our top 5 Japanese street foods. You can see our return trip which was broadcast on NHK TV if you click on this link

1. Salted Sweet Potato

There was an elerly Japanese lady at this stall making salted sweet potato sticks, she was so delighted to meet a foreigner that she wouldn't let me pay. My 4 year old and I loved these!!

2. Taiyaki

These fish shaped pastries are freshly made with various fillings such as sweet bean, custard and chocolate. They are absolutely delicious. I was so excited when I stumbled across this local taiyaki stall and got the chance to taste one after 10 years.

Here is a photo of the lady putting the different fillings in the taiyaki while they're baking in the fish shaped moulds.

3. Dango

These are sticky rice balls made from mochi (rice flour). 

4. Yakisoba

See my yakisoba recipe on the link below:

5. Okonomiyaki

I didn't come across okonomiyaki on my last visit to Japan, but I have to share it here as one of the top 5 streets foods from Japan. Here's the link to my okonomiyaki recipe. I've really simplified it so it'll work for you at home.

Now, decide which Japanese street food you'd like to try ccoking at home! Fiona :)

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